Milk, Cheese & Egg Alternatives, 2023 State of the Industry

In response to the growing demand for sustainable food products and the desire to reduce reliance on animal-derived products, the food industry is turning its attention to alternative ingredients. Among these, peas are emerging as one of the most important components in the production of substitutes for traditional products.

Pea-based alternative milk beverages are gaining popularity due to their taste, texture, and nutritional value. They have the potential to satisfy the needs of consumers looking for alternatives to traditional milk, without compromising on quality or flavor.

Even more impressive are the advancements in the field of alternative cheeses. Thanks to innovative production techniques, plant-based cheese substitutes effectively mimic the taste, texture, and melting properties of traditional cheeses. In many cases, peas are used, but other legumes are also employed to achieve the desired consistency and flavor, meeting the expectations of even the most discerning consumers.

In the egg sector, peas play an equally significant role. With the unique properties of peas and other legumes, egg substitutes can effectively mimic gelling, thickening, and other key functions of traditional eggs.

Given the issues associated with traditional egg production, such as animal welfare concerns, avian flu pandemics, and supply chain disruptions, alternative products based on peas and other plant-based ingredients present an attractive and sustainable solution. In light of these challenges and the increasing global demand for food, innovations in animal product substitutes may play a pivotal role in the future of the food industry.

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