Innovative plant-based food technologies

About Us

PROTEINrise is an integrated plant-based food technology development platform

PROTEINrise is a Polish food-tech startup created by a group of experienced managers and food technologists. We share a common vision of a world where our diet is a source of health for people and our planet.

Our scope is research & development in the space of plant-based food production technologies and alternative protein sources.

We develop innovative components and technological processes for the production of plant-based substitutes for milk and dairy products, meat, sea food, ready meals, organic, vegetarian and vegan products.

We support food producers in developing new products and recipes based on innovative plant ingredients and functional additives.

Research & Development

Separation of vegetable proteins

We develop an innovative technology for the production of a purified pea protein concentrate

Innovative food

We develop new applications and recipes for plant-based food

New protein sources

We develop a technology for obtaining proteins from new sources with an emphasis on minimizing food waste (zero waste economy)

Our Team



PROTEINrise sp. z o.o.

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